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Conference to Concentrate on Resilience and Rebuilding in Low-Income Communities

APRIL 11, 2013 - 10:30 AM ET

Renaissance Hotel, Washington, DC.

New research associated with rebuilding and resilience efforts that support emerging policies and practices and work to bring about strong and vibrant communities will be the focus of this years’ Community Development and Research Conference hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. The program will highlight new and pertinent research and will create dialogue around these matters as they pertain to low-income households and communities. Keynote speakers will discuss topics related to lost wealth during the housing crisis, ways to determine financial capability outcomes, studies related to neighborhood change, issues associated with concentrated poverty and changing retail landscapes, job creation efforts, impact of bus transit systems, the benefits of pre-purchase homeownership counseling and much more.  Guests will include community developers, practitioners, policymakers, lenders, members of the philanthropic community, researchers and others.  The conference -- Resilience and Rebuilding for Low-Income Communities: Research and Inform Policy Practice -- will take place in Washington, DC. Learn more