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Symposium to Focus on Providing Safe, Healthy Living Conditions for Seniors

AUGUST 10, 2011 - 8:30 AM ET

Atlanta, GA. NeighborWorks Training Institute

The impact of the foreclosure crisis and economic downturn on senior citizens will be the focus of a symposium during NeighborWorks America's Training Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. This session will look at current trends and demands related to the provision of affordable housing for older people, which must be considered as baby boomers age and the housing market remains weak. This session will also look at what nonprofits and municipalities can do to prepare for growing senior populations, and will include insights from experts and specfiic information on how programs can increase economic security for seniors. Methods for preserving affordabilty and maintaining quality of life will include both homeownership and rental solutions. This program will take a close look at successful projects, highlight ways to engage seniors, outline existing resources, describe methods of focusing counseling on senior populations, provide valuable partnership options, cover multi-generational housing and much more. Learn more