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Webinar - Building Support for Affordable Homeownership and Rental Choices

DECEMBER 10, 2013 - 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET


What do Americans think about affordable housing and the people who live in it? What does the research tell us about effective messaging to convince the public of affordable housing's value?

Join Janet Viveiros and Amy Clark of NHC and the Center for Housing Policy for a free webinar Tuesday, December 10, 2 pm ET to learn the answer to these questions and more.  


Register for the webinar here.

The webinar will cover findings from the Center's review of the housing communications literature, Building Support for Affordable Homeownership and Rental Choices. It will also share tips for using the findings in your work.

In addition to the webinar itself, The Center for Housing Policy is introducing two new features to help you get the information you need.


Register for the webinar | Register on the Communications HUB | Join the pre-discussion


First, join the Center on the Housing Communications HUB for an ongoing pre-discussion. Share your questions now about the literature and about the practical application of the findings. You can find the pre-discussion online here. Free registration for the HUB is required. The webinar will answer questions posed in the pre-discussion.

Second, return to the HUB directly after the webinar for an additional hour of discussion with your peers in housing about housing communications.

Register for the webinar today.