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Center for Community Progress Releases Second Edition of Land Banks and Land Banking

Second edition of Land Banks and Land Banking features new research and resources The groundbreaking Land Banks and Land Banking, by Frank S. Alexander, is back with a new second edition that features fresh research and insights for practitioners and policy-makers. Download your copy ...

Fiscal Implications of Development Patterns

SOURCE: Smart Growth America

In early April of 2015, Smart Growth America (SGA) released a new model for analyzing the fiscal performance of urban development.  The purpose of the model is to help towns and cities better understand the impacts of their development choices.  SGA recently applied the model ...

Restoring Opportunity - Inequality and the Challenge for American Education

SOURCE: Restoring Opportunity

Americans across the political spectrum embrace the goal of equality of opportunity, and see education as the primary social institution for achieving that goal.

The Latest on Land Banking - The Land Bank Information Headquarters

SOURCE: Center for Community Progress

What is a land bank and how does it work?  Which states have passed land banking legislation, and which communities across the country have established land banking programs?  What's the latest in land banking practices and innovations?  To help address these issues, the ...

Early Warning Systems for Affordable Housing Properties

SOURCE: Enterprise Community Partners

This report provides guidelines for devising an early-warning system to help housing development organizations become more risk-aware, and funders become more open to providing early assistance.  It is designed to help a developer’s board of directors and senior management recognize ...

Housing Landscape 2015 - Housing Cost Burdens

SOURCE: National Housing Conference Center for Housing Policy

This report released by the National Housing Conference indicates that income growth has modestly eased the burden of paying for housing, but struggles remain as housing costs continue to increase for renters.  Specifically, the report reveals that in 2013, one in four working renter ...

HUD's Sustainable Communities Initiative's New Resource Library

SOURCE: HUD Stable Communities Initiative

HUD has created a Sustainable Communities Initiative Resource Library to house the products of HUD’s Sustainable Community Initiative Grantees.  This new online library catalogues dozens of local and regional comprehensive plans, model codes and reports—and it will be expanded over the ...

Community Development Data Guidebook

SOURCE: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

This guide is meant to serve as a "how to" for those interested in conducting more robust community development research. This type of community-based research, often termed performance context in the regulatory world, is critical to community development practitioners looking to maximize impact ...

Healthcare Financing of Healthy Homes: New Resource Library

SOURCE: National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH)

The National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) launched a new suite of online resources to help public health and housing agencies understand and identify opportunities to partner with healthcare entities in the provision of better quality housing.

Neighborhood Revitalization: Analyzing the Impact of an Innovative Block-by-Block Stabilization Strategy

SOURCE: Greater Ohio Policy Center

An innovative model for neighborhood recovery piloted in Cleveland’s Slavic Village neighborhood is providing long-term recovery and stability in Slavic Village and, according to a Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC) study - Documenting the Slavic Village Recovery Project: An Early Review of a ...

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