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Center for Housing Policy's New Case Studies: "More than a Roof"

The Center for Housing Policy's new brief in its Ideas for Housing Policy and Practice series describes efforts by public housing agencies to help residents make progress toward economic security. The report profiles agencies running four initiatives: the Family Self-Sufficiency program; the Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership program; Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach; and Individual Development Accounts. It concludes by highlighting two innovative approaches that merit consideration by agencies seeking to expand economic security opportunities for their residents.

With housing assistance currently available to only about one in four families who need it, and no prospects for increased federal funding on the horizon, many of these PHAs see economic security efforts as essential for expanding the number of families able to benefit from rental assistance. By helping families that currently receive housing assistance to make progress toward economic security, the PHAs that run these initiatives hope to free up rental assistance for other families.