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NSP Status Report Shows Accomplishments

NSP program income has exceeded one billion dollars as of July 2013, according to HUD's Office of Community Planning and Development. Most NSP funding has been expended, but some construction projects are not yet complete. 

These charts depict NSP progress and provide details on NSP grant funds obligated and used during NSP1, NSP2 and NSP3.  Charts also show the number of units served with demolition and construction, home ownership assistance provided to low- and moderate-income families, and overall goals and accomplishments.

The NSP Investment Cluster study shows that areas with clustered NSP investments are aligned with better home sale performance (cluster areas involve one to four blocks and have at least two NSP properties, or at least six NSP properties in one-quarter mile).  The study also shows how markets with NSP concentration changed over time, compared with markets that had little or no NSP investment.  

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