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Case Study

Fiscal Implications of Development Patterns

SOURCE: Smart Growth America

In early April of 2015, Smart Growth America (SGA) released a new model for analyzing the fiscal performance of urban development.  The purpose of the model is to help towns and cities better understand the impacts of their development choices.  SGA recently applied the model ...

How Housing Matters to Families and Communities

SOURCE: MacArthur Foundation

How Housing Matters explores the possibility of housing as a foundation for broad positive outcomes in communities. This five-year research program by the MacArthur Foundation examines the effect that affordable housing investments have on other initiatives and explores the belief that housing ...

Report Looks at Income Changes in Poorer Neighborhoods

SOURCE: Cleveland Federal Reserve

Over time, some poor neighborhoods experience an overall increase in income levels while others do not. This report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland -- Which Poor Neighborhoods Experienced Income Growth in Recent Decades – takes a closer look at the possible reasons behind these ...

Measuring Sprawl 2014

SOURCE: Smart Growth America

When choosing where to live, people often tell you to consider the three Ls: location, location, location. A new study out from Smart Growth America quantifies that advice through new research that shows that when it comes to choosing where to call home the degree of sprawl has some expected and ...

Lifting the Fog Around FHA Lending

SOURCE: Urban Institute

New plans are being promoted by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to encourage lenders to give credit to first-time buyers and other underserved borrowers.  This paper – Lifting the Fog Around FHA Lending, presented by the Urban Institute – goes over recent problems that have ...

Fed Report Catalogs Foreclosure Response Best Practices

SOURCE: SF Federal Reserve

Many innovative solutions and lessons learned have emerged since the foreclosure crisis struck, which have helped families and neighborhoods to recover. This publication -- Innovations in Neighborhood Stabilization: Responses to the Foreclosure Crisis put out by the Federal Reserve Bank of San ...

Cleveland's Greater University Circle Initiative: Building a 21st Century City through the Power of Anchor Institution Collaboration

SOURCE: Cleveland Foundation

Released in 2014 by the Cleveland Foundation, the new report Cleveland's Greater University Circle Initiative: Building a 21st Century City through the Power of Anchor Institution Collaboration provides a thorough overview of a long-term partnership among some of the city's ...

Rising Star Block & Pride Block Reinvestment Strategy

This paper, prepared by neighborhood strategist Donald Poland, describes the approach to neighborhood change being implemented by The Neighborhoods of Hartford, Inc. (NHI). Referred to as a "healthy neighborhoods approach," the paperdescribes the elements of a healthy neighborhood and then ...

Post-Foreclosure Community Stabilization Strategies: Case Studies and Early Lessons 2008

SOURCE: NeighborWorks America

  Fourteen case studies, representing thirteen different nonprofit organizations, are loosely grouped by market characteristics as follows:

Community Stabilization Case Studies: Showcasing Innovative Strategies in the NeighborWorks America Network

SOURCE: NeighborWorks America

The foreclosure crisis has caused widespread home abandonment and vacancies, exacerbating neighborhood decline in communities across the countries.  In response, non-profit community development organizations have emerged as the vanguards of stabilization efforts, rebuilding homes and ...

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