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Best Cities for Successful Aging

SOURCE: Milken Institute

Some cities are better than others when it comes to helping the elderly live healthy, productive lives, and as the number of aging Americans continues to increase, cities will need to pay attention to this.  The Milken Institute has identified metro areas that are best suited for ...

Consider: Bus stops as public spaces

SOURCE: Project for Public Spaces

Think outside the box and take a look at this blog by the Project for Public Spaces, which highlights bus stops as public spaces.  Bus stops can easily be used for information sharing but can also create opportunities for community networking. In Pittsburgh, placemaking advocates are ...

SOURCE: Federal Government

Visit this ‘one-stop-shop’ for financial education resources offered by different agencies or divisions of the federal government.  This website, created by the Treasury Department, is essentially a research clearinghouse that highlights many money management resources and tools ...

Marketing 101

SOURCE: The Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA)

Learn new and effective marketing strategies to promote your services through this training video offered by the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA).  This 52-minute YouTube video shares information on the purpose of marketing and the importance of gaining results.

Which are the Best Performing Cities?

SOURCE: Milken Institute

Cities that performed best economically in 2014 have been identified as part of the Milken Institute’s Best-Performing Cities annual evaluation. Outcomes-based research shows a wide variance from one place to the next, and this report determines which cities – large and small – had the best ...

Financial Literacy Update

SOURCE: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)

Upcoming events, initiatives and resources related to financial literacy are listed in this bi-monthly e-newsletter provided by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.  Nonprofit organizations, government offices and other entities working with families and/or community ...

What’s In Store? Repurposing Big Boxes

SOURCE: Urbanful

Transforming abandoned malls or empty big box stores into something functional may seem like a daunting task, but many communities are finding unique and useful ways to repurpose these spaces.  Innovative examples include museums, churches, senior centers, charter schools, or indoor ...

Rent Vs. Buy Calculator

SOURCE: Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac has rolled out a new online Rent vs. Buy calculator to help individuals compare the cost of renting versus owning a home. Users input their current information and the calculator provides the difference between renting and buying, and highlights the dollars saved over seven years.

Take it to the Bank: how Land Banks Are Strengthening America’s Neighborhoods

SOURCE: Center for Community Progress

Learn how Land Banks are affecting communities in this new report – Take it to the Bank: how Land Banks Are Strengthening America’s Neighborhoods – presented by the Center for Community Progress. The report provides a national scan of over 100 land banks functioning in the U.S., of which half or ...

Profile of Today’s Renter

SOURCE: Freddie Mac

New data published by Freddie Mac provides insight into current renter perspectives and shows that while some renters in the U.S. still prefer to rent, most (91 percent) feel that homeownership is something to be proud of.  Freddie Mac surveyed over 2,000 renters and found that many are ...

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