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Using the Internet for Community Input

SOURCE: Mindmixer and Popularise

Two online sites have proven effective in creating a “town hall” or community input forum, and give residents a chance to communicate what they want for their neighborhoods. These online forums are an easy and affordable method for developers to gather community input and give local stakeholders ...

Urban agriculture: a global analysis of the space constraint to meet urban vegetable demand

SOURCE: Environmental Research Letters

Worldwide trends in urban agriculture are outlined in Urban Agriculture: A global analysis of the space constraint to meet urban vegetable demand.  This report looks at what’s needed to produce food in dense populations, and environmental issues associated with agriculture.  Findings ...

Interactive Map Shows Cities with the Most Racially Uneven Housing Market Recoveries

SOURCE: Urban Institute

A new interactive map by the Urban Institute provides a vivid picture of how ethnicity plays into the housing crisis and market recovery. Researchers mapped over 100 million mortgages between 2001 and 2013 to provide a visual related to housing market trends. Findings were similar in locations ...

Housing: Before, During and After the Great Recession

SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Explore the cost of living in cities across America through this Bureau of Labor Statistics report highlighted by the Washington Post.  The report compares the cost of living - including housing and other shelter costs - between various cities.

Infographic: Impact of Student Loan Debt on the Housing Market

SOURCE: John Burns Real Estate Consulting, LLC

Student loan debt is having a negative effect on the housing market, according to research by Rick Palacios and Ali Wolf. Research showed that 8 percent fewer homes will be sold this year and about 414,000 transactions will not take place because of student loan debt burdens. Based on an average ...

How People and Ideas Are Changing Cities – A Weekly Audio Series

SOURCE: Knight Foundation

Gain insight into how people and ideas are changing cities by tuning into “Knight Cities,” a weekly audio session that focuses on those who are working to make cities more livable, vibrant and successful. Each interview focuses on people who are helping cities to attract and retain talent, build ...

Dangerous by Design 2014

SOURCE: Smart Growth America

More people died walking on unsafe streets between 2003 and 2012 than in natural disasters. In fact, the number of pedestrian deaths was sixteen times higher according to Dangerous By Design, a report by Smart Growth America.  In 2012, 15 percent of all traffic deaths involved pedestrians, ...

Leveraging Community Strengths to Improve Community Health

SOURCE: Investing in What Works for America's Communities

Hospitals can create better community health through asset-based development, says blog author Doug Wolf from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  This means focusing on what’s working, instead of focusing on problems by identifying the existing skills and strengths of local ...

Continuity and Change: Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Housing Conditions of American Indians and Alaska Natives

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

According to a recent HUD report, housing problems are widespread among American Indian and Alaskan Native populations, which found that people living in tribal areas are three times more likely to live in overcrowded conditions and more than 11 times more likely to have inadequate plumbing in ...

Urban Institute Evaluation

SOURCE: Urban Institute

A recent report showing the effectiveness of foreclosure prevention and intervention counseling – through NeighborWorks America’s National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) program – was recently published by the Urban Institute.  After a four-year study of the NFMC program, covering ...

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