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LIIF Launches First-of-its-kind Social Impact Calculator Tool

SOURCE: Capital for Healthy Families and Communities

The Low Income Investment Fund has developed a "Social Impact Calculator" designed to place a dollar value on traditionally hard to monetize social impact investments.  It measures the social value of certain work – such as affordable housing, good schools or access to ...

Take a Look: Here’s the Mid-Year Apartment Outlook by Freddie Mac

SOURCE: Freddie Mac

Market vacancy rates are at a 13-year low for multifamily units, according to recent research by Freddie Mac.  According to data trends, rental market demand is being met by many young adult renters, who are helping to sustain the supply being built. Researchers estimate that nearly 3.9 ...

3 Charts That Show America’s Poverty Problems Start at Birth

SOURCE: Vox Media

A new Census report discusses current nationwide childbearing trends. Data showed that women are having more children outside of marriage and women who are educated are having children later in life. Unfortunately, the report also showed that the number of children born into poverty is high ...

A Tale of Renewed Cities: A policy guide on how to transform cities by improving energy efficiency in urban transport systems

SOURCE: International Energy Agency

Published by the International Energy Agency, the report A Tale of Renewed Cities: A policy guide on how to transform cities by improving energy efficiency in urban transport systems, proposes ways to address the increasing financial and environmental costs posed by transportation ...

Worker Cooperatives: Pathways to Scale

SOURCE: Democracy Collaborative

Worker cooperatives, an alternative to traditional business models, are becoming more popular around the globe.  They are seen as having the potential to transform communities, with distinct benefits that can help individuals as well as local economies build wealth.

You Want to Have an Impact?

SOURCE: NeighborWorks America

See what NeighborWorks America and its affiliated organizations have been up to with this online resource: NeighborWorks Annual Report 2013. The report explores positive impact being made around the country, looking closely at financial education, affordable healthy homes, stabilizing ...

Strategies to Build Wealth in Lower-Income Families

SOURCE: Urban Institute

Policies to help families recover from financial difficulty and build wealth are needed, and four specific ideas are outlined in this Urban Institute / Metro Trends Blog Four ways to help low- and moderate-income families build wealth by Caleb Quakenbush.

Research Shows Housing Vouchers Reduce Hardship and Provide Platform for Long-Term Gains Among Children

SOURCE: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

The Housing Choice Voucher program, the nation’s largest rental assistance program, helps more than 2 million low-income families rent modest units of their choice in the private market.  This report reviews and summarizes research findings on vouchers’ impact on families with children, ...

The Price of Resilience: Can Multifamily Housing Afford to Adapt?

SOURCE: NYU Furman Center

This report explores the challenges of retrofitting New York City’s existing multifamily rental build­ings to be more resilient to future storms. After summarizing key findings, the authors provide back­ground about the current regulatory requirements existing building owners who wish to ...

Meeting the Challenge of Distressed Property Investors In America's Neighborhoods


Since the end of 2008, an increasing number of investors have entered the housing market to purchase real-estate owned (REO’s) properties, short-sales, foreclosures, and other distressed building stock, and their presence is influencing neighborhood character and growth. 

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