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Tackling Persistent Poverty in Distressed Urban Neighborhoods

SOURCE: Urban Institute

Compelling research evidence finds that conditions in high-poverty neighborhoods significantly undermine children’s life-chances and increase their risk of remaining poor as adults.  Persistent, intergenerational poverty among families living in distressed communities is a complex problem ...

The Effects of Housing on the Local Economy

SOURCE: Housing Virginia

In this report, Housing Virginia explores the economic contributions made by the housing sector at the state, local, and neighborhood level.  They discuss how housing influences the economy in both direct and indirect ways, through job creation, spending patterns, and tax revenue. 

Affordable Housing Linked to Children’s Intellectual Ability

SOURCE: Johns Hopkins University

Housing affordability affects cognitive development in children, according to research from Johns Hopkins University.  Recent data shows that the amount of household income spent on housing does not greatly impact children’s physical or social health but does impact cognitive ability, which ...

Exploring the Impact of the NeighborWorks Network

SOURCE: NeighborWorks

State and national details are outlined in this infographic of NeighborWorks America and its network of affiliated organizations.  Impact data includes the number of homes repaired nationwide, individuals served with education and counseling, leveraging details, volunteer hours, ...

Report - Foot Traffic Ahead: Ranking Walkable Urbanism in America’s Largest Metros


Cities across the country are abandoning the idea of sprawl and instead are embracing walkability. This report - Foot Traffic Ahead: Ranking Walkable Urbanism in America’s Largest Metros – outlines such work, ranking the 30 most walkable metro areas in the country. These walkable urban places, ...

The Rise of Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America

SOURCE: Brookings

Evolution is underway in America’s urban areas as planners reject isolation and sprawl, and work toward building better density and proximity.  In an effort to integrate work, housing and play,  ‘Innovation districts’ are creating more compact communities that have better access to ...

Smart Growth America Report: Dangerous by Design 2014

SOURCE: Smart Growth America

Pedestrian safety is an issue that walkers face every day in the U.S. as people are killed on their way to work, school or the store. However, many of these fatalities could be prevented through better street design. A new report released by Smart Growth America’s National Complete Streets ...

National Resource Network -- New Solutions for Cities

SOURCE: National Resource Network

To help cities cope with economic distress, the National Resource Network was formed to help leaders address issues associated with poverty, unemployment, weak school systems, deteriorating infrastructure, and vacant or blighted properties.  Economic distress among residents can quickly ...

Underwater America: How the So-Called Housing “Recovery” Is Bypassing Many American Communities

SOURCE: Haas Institute

Many believe that housing recovery is underway, but data from hardest hit cities and neighborhoods show that families are still being left behind.

How Housing Matters to Families and Communities

SOURCE: MacArthur Foundation

How Housing Matters explores the possibility of housing as a foundation for broad positive outcomes in communities. This five-year research program by the MacArthur Foundation examines the effect that affordable housing investments have on other initiatives and explores the belief that housing ...

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