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Guide to Crowdfunding for WealthWorks Value Chains

SOURCE: Tellus Institute

This guide published in January of 2014 by the Tellus Institute seeks to help organizations do just that, by detailing the potential of crowdfunding, determine if it is the right tool for your organization, and guide you in successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign.  

Cleveland's Greater University Circle Initiative: Building a 21st Century City through the Power of Anchor Institution Collaboration

SOURCE: Cleveland Foundation

Released in 2014 by the Cleveland Foundation, the new report Cleveland's Greater University Circle Initiative: Building a 21st Century City through the Power of Anchor Institution Collaboration provides a thorough overview of a long-term partnership among some of the city's ...

Harnessing Assets to Build an Economic Mobility System: Reimagining the America Welfare System

SOURCE: University of Kansas

This report from the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare and the Assets and Education Initiative examines the present economic mobility system in America and argues that the bifurcated system that offers consumption-based welfare (TANF, Food Stamps, Earn Income Tax Credit, etc.) ...

Volunteerism in America: An Overview

SOURCE: Corporation for National and Community Service

A comprehensive picture of volunteerism at the national, state and city level is now available through this online tool – Volunteering and Civic Life in America 2013 – issued by the Corporation for National and Community Service. Information on volunteer rates and ranking, civic engagement ...

NEW Networking Resource Connects Housing Professionals Around the Country

SOURCE: National Housing Conference

Creating connections between members of the affordable housing community is the point and purpose of this free, online community developed by the National Housing Conference. This networking resource allows members to connect from around the country and share challenges, success stories and ...

Psychology and Urban Planning – New Strategies for Urban Design

SOURCE: The Guardian Cities website

When developing or redeveloping city spaces, planners must consider how local residents interact with places.  Some urban spaces attract many people while others sit empty, and understanding the reasons behind such trends is critical to real analysis and vital to successful development ...

Soul of the Community: Exploring Community Attachment

SOURCE: Knight Foundation

What attracts people to communities and keeps them there is the focus of this project: Soul of the Community founded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The project examines the factors that make certain communities desirable and explores how and why people become attached to certain ...

Bending the Cost Curve Solutions to Expand the Supply of Affordable Rentals

SOURCE: ULI Terwilliger Center

Enterprise Community Partners and the ULI Terwilliger Center for Housingreleased Bending the Cost Curve: Solutions to Expand the Supply of Affordable Rentals in January 2014. This report, and the accompanying executive summary, is the result of a 16-month research effort ...

Placemaking in Legacy Cities: Opportunities and Good Practices

SOURCE: Center for Community Progress

Placemaking in Legacy Cities: Opportunities and Good Practices explores how residents and leaders in Legacy Cities have used placemaking principles to transform blighted public spaces into revitalized community assets.   

Rates of Homelessness Decreasing, Says HUD Report

SOURCE: Department of Housing and Urban Development

Data on trends in homelessness is available through the 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  In 2013, on any given night, about 65 percent of homeless people were in sheltered locations and about ...

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