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A Real Make Over – Adapting Places for Artistic Expression

SOURCE: Rooflines

Transforming a “fixer upper” into great space takes time, energy and money, as well as vision. The comprehensive planning and support needed is outlined in this Rooflines Blog (by the National Housing Institute) as well as information on a national survey regarding adaptive reuse and strategies ...

Student Debt and Its Impact on Home Buying

SOURCE: NerdWallet

The ‘Student Debt Crisis’ was the focus of a recent study by NerdWallet, to evaluate how student loan debt impacts an individual’s long-term debt scenario. The study looked at student loans and other student debt and how they impact borrowers in later life, particularly in their ability to buy a ...

Website Advocates for Homeowners’ Needs

SOURCE: America's Homeowner Alliance

The America’s Homeowner Alliance website takes a comprehensive look at issues facing American homeowners and provides information on key issues and ways to take action.  The purpose is to protect and promote sustainable homeownership and give homeowners a voice in the housing conversation. ...

Economic Development and the New NSP Rules

SOURCE: US Department of Housing and Urban Development

In October of 2013 HUD presented a webinar on Economic Development and the New NSP Rules related to the new Jobs Creation national objective. The discussion included information on how grantees meet the new national objective, as well as examples of eligible projects. View the presentation ...

E-book Provides Stabilization Solutions

SOURCE: Rutgers University Press

Modern strategies for neighborhood stabilization are outlined in the second edition of Alan Mallach’s book, Bringing Buildings Back, which is now available as an e-Book.

Exploring the Impact of Tax Credits in Rural America

SOURCE: Rural Housing Coalition

The lack of decent and affordable rental housing is a chronic problem in rural communities across the United States, where high poverty rates result in more “cost-burdened” families and rental units are often sub-standard. For years, the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit has been critical to ...

Creating Strategic Matrices to Manage Vacant Properties

SOURCE: Alan Mallach, Center for Community Progress

In September at a session of the Center for Community Progress’s Vacant Properties Conference, the Center for Community Progress’ Alan Mallach and Detroit Future City’sDan Kinkead shared a recently created set of tools to aid their efforts in Detroit: strategic matrices developed ...

Report Identifies Changes Needed to Federal Real Estate Programs

SOURCE: Smart Growth America

Changes are needed within federal real estate programs, says Smart Growth America in its report titled Federal Involvement in Real Estate: A Call for Action. The changes put forth by Smart Growth America could save the government billions of dollars each year, plus ensure better results for ...

Tools for Disaster Recovery

SOURCE: OneCPD Resource Exchange

This online toolkit is designed to help communities and residents get access to Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery funds, so resources can get to the people and places that need them most.   The site – hosted by OneCPD Resource Exchange for HUD -- is meant to help ...

Taking a Closer Look at Transit Oriented Development

SOURCE: National Conference of State Legislatures

Transit ridership is on the rise and more and more people do not want to be dependent on personal vehicles to get from place to place.  Rather, they want walkable and bikeable communities, as well as public transportation choices , which are more healthy and affordable and environmentally ...

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