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Ohio Attorney General Gets Tough on Slumlords

Uncaring slum lords can have a severely negative impact on neighborhoods. In an effort to reduce blight associated with unattended properties owned by slum lords, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is taking steps to reprimand slum lords if they are not properly caring for buildings. The goal is to hold out-of-state investors accountable when they buy properties. Abandoned or condemned buildings are not only eyesores; they create unsafe settings in neighborhoods and impact surrounding property values. And cities can’t just turn to demolition; it’s expensive. Attorney general DeWine is therefore helping city officials so slumlords that are not connected or committed to the community are not allowed to get away with such neglect. Through current lawsuits they are hoping to order demolition and declare owners responsible for the costs, sending a strong message to out-of-town investors that they must care about the community or not invest in Ohio. Read the story