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MAY 23, 2013

CNN reports: “Homebuyers Clueless about Mortgages”

The housing market is improving, but a recent survey done by real estate website, Zillow, shows that homebuyers still don’t have adequate information about home buying. The survey, which took place in April and involved over 1,000 current and potential homeowners, showed that new and existing homeowners still don’t understand basic details about loan terms or the best way to choose a lender or financing option.



MAY 15, 2013

Research Shows Negative Impact of Segregation

Segregation is obviously damaging to those who are segregated, but research shows that it’s also harmful to the surrounding region.

SOURCE: The Atlantic Cities


MAY 9, 2013

Partnering for Targeted Rehabilitation

Universities are critical community stakeholders and can greatly impact local revitalization strategies.  In Columbus, Ohio, for example, the Ohio State University and city of Columbus have joined forces to create supportive strategies that benefit both the university and the city.

SOURCE: The Columbus Dispatch


MAY 3, 2013

Milwaukee Police Force Embraces Crime Reduction Initiative

Neighborhoods with crime issues feel unsafe to existing and potential residents, which gets in the way of building attractive and healthy neighborhoods. Knowing that community safety work is critical to neighborhood success, partners in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have created a director of community safety position to work with local stakeholders.

SOURCE: Neighborhood News Service Milwaukee


APRIL 26, 2013

Ohio Attorney General Gets Tough on Slumlords

Uncaring slum lords can have a severely negative impact on neighborhoods. In an effort to reduce blight associated with unattended properties owned by slum lords, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is taking steps to reprimand slum lords if they are not properly caring for buildings. The goal is to hold out-of-state investors accountable when they buy properties. Abandoned or condemned buildings are not only eyesores; they create unsafe settings in neighborhoods and impact surrounding property values. And cities can’t just turn to demolition; it’s expensive.



APRIL 19, 2013

Foreclosures Fall 23 Percent In First Quarter

Foreclosure rates are now at the lowest level they’ve been since 2007, due in part to the increase of short sales and support from federal programs such as the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP).  Although foreclosure rates have nearly returned to the levels they were before the housing market crash, cities with serious economic issues, such as Chicago, are still struggling and states like Florida, Illinois and Georgia are continuing to work through a large backlog of foreclosures.  Still, the vice president at RealtyTrac belie



APRIL 6, 2013

Residents Help Manage Abandoned Properties

Abandoned homes and absentee landlords have created negative conditions in Youngstown, Ohio, but neighborhood residents have come together to address the problem with positive action.



MARCH 29, 2013

New Policy Will Help Borrowers Avoid Foreclosure

Borrowers who are very delinquent on their loans will soon have a new option that will help them to avoid foreclosure.  The Streamlined Modification Initiative, introduced by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, will start on July 1 and allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac servicers to offer reduced payments to eligible borrowers without having to collect financial or hardship documents.



MARCH 22, 2013

New Bill Could Help Communities Clean Up

Environmental contamination can severely impair a community’s ability to grow and to thrive. However, a new bill in Congress – called the Brownfields Utilization, Investment, and Local Development (BUILD) Act of 2013 – would help towns and cities deal with existing issues related to contaminated land.  If passed, the bill will increase limits for cleanup grants and expand eligibility factors for certain sites.

SOURCE: Lautenberg Press Office


MARCH 14, 2013

Trends Shifting in Foreign-Born Homeownership

Attention to multicultural trends is becoming more and more important as diversity in America grows. Business owners and politicians, as well as homebuilders, are becoming more aware of these trends and are paying close attention to how it impacts their field of work. 



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