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DECEMBER 12, 2012

Coordination Needed to Improve Community Health

Neighborhood blight has always been an issue for communities to address, but the effect of foreclosure on overall neighborhood health has been extremely harsh in recent years.



DECEMBER 7, 2012

Veterans and Housing: Addressing the Challenge

For years, our veterans have struggled with housing challenges; a problem that has been exacerbated by the recent housing and foreclosure crisis.  New strategies must be considered nationwide, and this article highlights several existing innovative ideas for addressing veteran's housing needs.

SOURCE: Natural Resources Defense Council


NOVEMBER 30, 2012

Can Crowdfunding Work for General Fundraising?

Crowdfunding essentially means using social media and peer-to-peer relationships to promote fundraising activities, usually those with specific goals or targets to meet.  However, an organization in Atlanta, Georgia - Community Housing Capital - is testing to see if crowdfunding can be used to raise funds to support its overall mission of providing affordable housing and community stabilization nationwide.  Social networks and online strategies are a great way to engage potential donors, and through this pilot CHC is exploring whether crowdfunding is a viable way to raise funds fo



NOVEMBER 14, 2012

Providing Affordable Housing Support to Veterans

As a way of honoring their sacrifice and service, NeighborWorks America is dedicated to helping veterans find affordable housing and overcome economic issues that commonly occur when they return to civilian life.  NeighborWorks organizations are reaching out to and partnering with local programs that serve veterans, plus are providing tools and resources directly to these individuals.  Services include foreclosure intervention, customized housing support and assistance in tapping into local housing resources.



NOVEMBER 9, 2012

Innovative "Mow-to-Own" Program Addresses Vacant Property Issue

Residents in Xenia, Ohio, can earn dollars toward the purchase of a vacant or abandoned property through a new "mow-to-own" initiative, which strives to turn abandoned or vacant lots to private ownership. Interested buyers may be adjacent property owners, local nonprofits, individuals or businesses, with adjacent property owners given first priority followed by property owners on the same block.

SOURCE: Dayton Daily News


OCTOBER 25, 2012

Community Development: What's Best for Rural Communities?

"Community development today is a multidisciplinary exercise that challenges us to think holistically about how housing relates to jobs, educational opportunities, transportation, health care and other services and amenities."  These words, written by Elizabeth Duke (governor of the Federal Reserve System) in the forward to Investing in What Works for America's Communities, are true for all communities across the United States, including those in rural areas.

SOURCE: The Institute for Comprehensive Community Development


OCTOBER 18, 2012

Free Technical Assistance Grants Available Through Smart Growth America

Applications are now being accepted for free technical assistance grants through Smart Growth America, which will provide communities with free training to build stronger local economies and create great neighborhoods. Communities may submit multiple applications for multiple workshops, but each application should specify only one workshop.  Benefits include one- or two-day workshops on the following topics:

SOURCE: Smart Growth America


OCTOBER 11, 2012

Two-Thirds of Americans Make Financial Mistakes, New Report Says

Sixty-seven percent of the American middle class is making costly financial mistakes, says a new report by the Consumer Federation of America and Primerica. The report also found that most middle class families have fewer financial assets than in the past. In 2007, the typical middle class family had almost $38,000 in assets (including retirement savings), while middle class families in 2010 had only an average of $27,000 in assets.



OCTOBER 4, 2012

Contest Seeks Ideas for Financial Choices App

A competition is underway that will result in development of a mobile app that will help working Americans make sound financial decisions and gain better access to financial services. The contest - called FinCapDev Competition and made possible by the Ford Foundation, Citi Foundation and Omidyar Network - is launching this fall.  Participants will enjoy involvement with innovators, software developers, financial service firms, investors and nonprofits, plus be eligible for a $100,000 prize purse.  Learn more

SOURCE: FinCapDev Competition


SEPTEMBER 26, 2012

Seniors, Be Cautious with Reverse Mortgages

The number of senior citizens taking advantage of reverse mortgage options has increased dramatically over the past few years.  Although reverse mortgage options are a saving grace for many older homeowners - allowing seniors to obtain cash by borrowing against the equity in their homes - the current economic and housing crisis can complicate this benefit. In communities where property values are decreasing, the home's equity can rapidly deplete due to a reverse mortgage.

SOURCE: Business Insider


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