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NSP for Nonprofits: Resources for Implementation

Nonprofit community development organizations are important partners to local governments in implementing NSP1. In NSP2, these nonprofits have stepped up to take on even more responsibility, in some cases taking on the lead role in multi-sector collaboratives. Collected on this page are resources to help nonprofits administer NSP funding and implement NSP programming effectively.  Topic areas include:

NSP and Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy

Keep the "neighborhood" in NSP with these resources on neighborhood stabilization and revitalization strategy.

Organizational Management

These resources can help nonprofits mange the organizational growth and complexity that comes with administering NSP funds. 

Financial Management and Cost Recovery for Nonprofits

NSP brings complex challenges in financial management and other compliance issues. 

Property Acquisition and Disposition

These resources will help nonprofits plan and navigate their acquisition and disposition strategies without reinventing documents and procedures.

NSP2 Program Design

The forms and other tools in this HUD package are field tested by other NSP grantees and will save nonprofits time and money in program design.

Package of HUD Forms, including:

  • Agreement for Development and Sales of Single Family Homes
  • Exhibit A-Home Sales Activity and Detailed Budget
  • Homebuyer Assistance Application-Sample
  • Sample NSP Property Development Activity Log 
  • Sample NSP Site and Rehab Approval Request Form 
  • Sample Property File Acquisition Checklist
  • Sample Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Checklist
  • Sample Single Family Rehabilitation Contract
  • Sample Single Family Rehab Specifications Including Green Specs
  • Sample Single Family Housing Rehabilitation Standard

Impact Measurements

Success Measures at NeighborWorks America has developed a new set of data collection and analysis tools to assist nonprofits in benchmarking and tracking neighborhood physical, social and market conditions.

Marketing Properties and Neighborhoods

In the current housing and credit market, selling a home to a qualified buyer can be a challenging endeavor.  These tools offer marketing and sales tips to help nonprofits find buyers and avoid excessive periods of carrying costs.

Reporting Issues

HUD's "Ask an Expert" program can help nonprofits stay ahead of the many reporting and compliance requirements of NSP.

Environmental Review

NSP funding requires detailed environmental reviews for successful project development.  This package of resources will get you started.

Environmental review package, including:

  • Internet Resources for Environmental Review
  • Environmental Review Guide For Private Nonprofit Recipients of NSP2 Grants – 24 CFR Part 50
  • Environmental Review Form 4128