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A Responsible Approach To Neighborhood Stabilization

In 2009 NeighborWorks America partnered with the Annie E. Casey Foundation to encourage community development organizations across the country to redevelop Responsibly by giving neighborhood residents a seat at the table and incorporating the Responsible Redevelopment 12 Guiding Principles into their comprehensive community stabilization strategies.

Responsible Approaches to Neighborhood Stabilization

  • Put people first, by minimizing the negative impacts of redevelopment and maximizing opportunities for residents to improve their lives.
  • Do better than "business as usual." Stabilization and redevelopment, at the scale required by the current foreclosure crisis, calls for community development organizations to form new and innovative public-private partnerships. Sustainable and responsible solutions see residents at the table in a meaningful role during the planning and implementation of redevelopment efforts in their community.
  • Create more than a "one size fits all" proposition to help residents. Adopt the Responsible Redevelopment Guiding Principles and tailor them to the unique conditions of the community you work in.
  • Require a champion, to move the national dialogue toward Responsible Redevelopment and integrating the Guiding Principles into community stabilization efforts, using resources, relationships, and knowledge to influence stakeholders and forge and maintain local partnerships.